Inheritance of the odyssey assignment

Inheritance of the odyssey assignment

Topic: Inheritance of the odyssey assignment

Wordcount: 1250 words (+/- 10%)

Weighting: 50% of the overall grade

Submission date: 15:00 (3pm) on Wednesday 26 May

Submission method: via Blackboard

Coursework return and feedback: you will receive your grade and written feedback within 20 working days of the submission date.

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of the course you will have developed a range of key skills: in thinking about the relationship between literature and certain key theoretical concepts; and in thinking about literature as a long-standing dialogue of intertextuality. In summary, you will be able to:

· build an argument that reflects on the different ways in which the primary text has been inherited, appropriated and adapted over time.

Referencing: Please see the ‘Referencing’ page on Blackboard for quick guides to the LDC house style, Chicago.

Coursework will be marked in line with the university’s Senate Scale

Like all assessed work at UEA, these assignments are covered by two important rules: they must be submitted on time, and they must be entirely your own work. The university’s policies on late submission, plagiarism and collusion are available on the university intranet

Please ask your seminar tutor if you have any questions.


In an essay of 1,250 words, please address ONE of the following questions. Your essay should respond to the question by developing an argument based on analysis of TWO of the literary texts you have read across the second half of the course (from weeks 7-11). You should draw on some relevant ideas from the critical readings of the course – and you may like to quote from The Odyssey itself – to support your argument but the main focus should be based on a close engagement with the literary texts.


Explore the tension between imitation and resistance in the way that authors have inherited The Odyssey.


To what end have authors revisited the female characters of The Odyssey in their own original works of literature?


How have different authors explored questions around ethics in their appropriations of aspects of The Odyssey?


How have different authors responded to the representation of violence in The Odyssey?


How have different authors reinterpreted the values associated with Odysseus as a hero?


In what different ways have authors engaged with The Odyssey to think through concerns about colonialism and/or migration and exile?


To what end have marginal characters in The Odyssey come to occupy more central roles in adaptions and appropriations of the epic?


To what effect has the inheritance of The Odyssey crossed genre boundaries and/or inspired reflections on the nature of genre itself (e.g. epic, romance, drama, poetry, the novel)?

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Inheritance of the odyssey assignment

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