How to write a lab report

How to write a lab report

topic : How to write a lab report

Write an introduction to a research project about the effects of soil salinity on sunflower seed germination. I have attached a list of citation you can use and also an example format to follow.


You will conduct a literature review to make sure you understand your chosen topic and know what work has already been conducted on this area of biology. From the information you find you will develop a problem statement that will allow you to identify hypotheses capable of being tested to answering your problem. In order to answer your problem statement you will develop both a testable research hypothesis and a null hypothesis.

Topic: This is the “big picture” so to speak that your question comes from. Start big, then narrow it down to the main point you wish to explore.

What do we know about it? Explain at least four sources that explore this topic.

Include the rationale for the study of your topic. Start with a description of the subject (in your own words), and then provide a historical perspective on the work already done. You should also include potential benefits, uses, and examples. You should include background information on the subjects you are using together with any information on their importance to this study. The introduction should not express your personal views or thoughts; instead it should summarize in your own words the work already done on this topic. You must use at least four primary references (peer-reviewed original articles). See the Works Cited section in the “How to write a lab report” document so that you cite your references correctly.

What is the main question/problem statement?

Describe the problem that your experiment is designed to answer. What is it that your work will tell us about? Your problem statement should be clear, insightful, and relevant to the study of biology.

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