Hotel Guest Room layout

Hotel Guest Room layout

Please read and review the: Presentation – Hotel Guest Room layout. You have also by now seen some Videos on how to make a bed and clean a room. This together should have given you a good picture of what a hotel room looks like and how to design one.

Consider that you are the Manager of this hotel and are making the presentation to your owners on designing a Hotel guest room, this would need a Picture of your “Dream Guest Room”, a lay out sketch ,like the one you saw in my presentation, a List of Furniture & Equipment that you will need in each room and lastly a list of Bed linen and Towels.

Now look at a Hotel with the particulars given below and see if you can use this data and develop the presentation for your owner. (The total requirement means the quantity required in one room, multiplied by the number of rooms)

HOTEL HANSON has 50 guest rooms, 25 rooms 0f which have a King size bed, and other 25 are with 2 double beds each.

Rest of the Furniture is the same:

Headboard -1 each per bed

2 Night stands in a King and one in Double

1 coffee table, 2 sofa chairs,1 desk + chair

1 luggage rack

1 dresser + mirror

Hotel Guest Room layout

Table lamps as required, mini fridge, coffee Maker, 12 hangers in the closet, Alarm Clock

__1.       Provide a list of Furniture and Equipment required for this hotel,

__2.       List complete Linen and Towels to maintain 3- PAR stock (PAR means one full set, for example: 1 Bath Towel + 1Hand Towel + 1 Face Cloth = 1 PAR of Towels, each Bathroom in a Room needs 3 PAR, or 3 sets of towels)

__3.       The Bed-Linen on each be is made up of , a mattress protector, 1 fitted sheet on the mattress, 1 Flat sheet on top, 1 Blanket / Comforter, 2pillows +Pillow Cases on each double bed, 4Pillows +Pillow Cases on each King Bed. Now based on the quantity & the size of the bed, you can create a List of Linen.

__4.       Sketch a room layout, consider the bathroom as ready and available.

This assignment is due in the next class. Please type neatly in the format of a project presentation. This can be done in schoology itself and submitted or done as a PPT and uploaded in Schoology.

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