Hobbes Locke Rousseau Discussion

Hobbes Locke Rousseau Discussion

topic : Hobbes Locke Rousseau Discussion

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Our course begins at the terror and trauma of war has finally subsided throughout Europe. On the Continent, 30 years of warfare (yes, thirty real years…a far cry longer than the wars we previously complained about in Iraq and Afghanistan—hard events for sure, but not 30 years yet) finally came to an end, with a quite shocking conclusion….the people in Central Europe were battered from the experience. On the island north of Europe, the 6 years of Civil War (their second in 100 years; the first the romantically titled “War of the Roses” but a bloody civil war nonetheless) had come to its own shocking conclusion with the King beheaded.

This course, then, deals with the world that emerged in that time. In 1650, the world isn’t quite “modern” yet, but the ideas and thoughts of our modern age will emerge from here. Why? What are those modern ideas? How does the Thirty Years War point ahead to those changes?

Check out this video as it helps set the tone of the discussion (we will see it again later in another discussion as a reminder). Besides the laughter of the wonderful Monty Python gang, pay close attention to the points made about government.

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