Healthy Chicago 2025 Reflection

Healthy Chicago 2025 Reflection

Healthy Chicago 2025 Reflection activity
Please click on link below to view the Healthy Chicago 2025 Campaign Launch virtual live event which occurred on 9/18/2020. Please view entire session (approx. 90 minutes) and answer the following reflection questions. [This activity is worth 3 clinical hours]

Healthy Chicago gives us a look at how all of us can have a voice in creating a healthier city. Change happens when we make healthy choices as a society. Looking at health in a broad sense is what public health is about. Everything impacts a person’s health: housing, education, income, community design, transportation, and the environment. Healthy Chicago 2025 discussed a life expectancy gap between black and white residents of almost nine years. We have to evaluate what are the reasons for this gap and how we as health care providers can assist to change it. Together , we can change the direction of health in America.
1. The Healthy Chicago 2025 had a panel discussion that consisted of the following people:
Dr. Allison Arwady (Commissioner of Health, Chicago Department of Public Health), Dr. David Ansell (Rush University, and Center for Health Equity , author of “The Death Gap”),Gary Rodriguez ,(student and member of Logan Square Neighborhood Association), Julian Posada (director of for profit agency), Dr. Dorian Miller(physician at the University of Chicago , Institute for Translational Medicine) . Why would it be important to gather information from a variety of people –different backgrounds, different economic status, different age groups, when we are discussing “What makes a healthier Chicago?”

2. List some barriers to having good health, equitable health care in the city of Chicago?

3. What was a topic that the panel shared that impressed you?

4. Were you surprised about the life expectancy rates in the city of Chicago?

5. In the video they mentioned, Logan Square Neighborhood Association. What if any neighborhood organization are you familiar with? What is the purpose of a neighborhood organization in a community?


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