Health IT and infromartics assignment

Health IT and infromartics assignment

Assignment: Health IT and infromartics assignment

Health IT is quickly taking over healthcare and is the driving force for the future of the medical field. There are many examples of Health IT, such as the Electronic Health Records (EHR), Telehealth, Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE), Barcode Medication Administration (BCMA), Bedside Medical Device Integration (BCMA),, and the list goes on. However, for this paper, you will research some emerging healthcare technologies DIFFERENT than the ones listed above, and explore their impact on the nursing profession. Note, a list of topics that CANNOT use the topics listed above as this paper is to research something new in the industry, not the same old EHR, CPOE, etc. You may not realize how many Health IT technologies exist in the world, there are so many. For example, 3D bioprinting, telehealth, smart rooms, camera capture applications to do wound staging, etc. If you have any question as to whether your topic for this paper is acceptable, please email me. The Assignment elect an emerging healthcare technology (note above that you CANNOT use CPOE or BCMA). You will submit a paper that is 3 – 5 pages long that conforms to APA guidelines. The 3 – 5 page length does not include the title page or reference page. Use the headings below to guide you. A minimum of 5 references must be used. Use the below headers to guide your paper for maximum credit: (If you do not actually use the below headers in your paper, I will not easily know if you have addressed each section. Please use the below headers)

Background/Description of the Emerging Technology Describe how your chosen technology can be used in to improve safety and promote health and disease prevention Assess how the chosen technology can impact nursing practice, outcomes, and quality of care Analyze ethical and legal issues related to the use of your chosen technology Summary/Conclusion Note: There is an attached example paper from a previous class to help guide your work.

Grading Rubric:

Novice Competent Proficient


Does not describe background (0 points)

Confusing or difficult to understand background of technology (1- 3 points)

Describes the technology effectively (4 points)

Safety/Health Promotion/ Disease Prevention

Does not include safety, health promotion, or disease prevention discussion (0 points)

Fails to adequately express how technology affects safety, health promotion and/or disease (1- 3 points)

Describes effectively the technology and effects on safety, health promotion, and/ or disease prevention (4 points)

Effects on Outcomes

Does not discuss effects on outcomes (0 points)

Non- comprehen sive discussion of effects (1- 3 points)

Describes effects on all areas of patient safety, continuity of care, financial, and satisfaction (4 points)

Ethical and Legal Issues

Does not describe ethical or legal issues (0 points)

Missed key items related to ethical/legal issues (1- 3 points)

Describes ethical and/or legal issues of technology effectively, or describes whey there are no ethical/legal issues of said technology (4 points)

Conclusion/ Summary

Does not summarize/ conclude paper

Ineffective or lacking conclusion (1- 3 points)

Appropriate Conclusion that summarizes paper (4 points)

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Health IT and infromartics assignment Health IT and infromartics assignment

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