Fundamentals of Management

Fundamentals of Management
Portfolio part 2: Individual Paper based on group project
Due: Monday, 1 February 2021, 3pm
Portfolio part 2: Individual Paper based on group project due in week 15.
• Report to be submitted using Turnitin (in Weblearn) before 3pm on Monday, 1 February
• Report needs to contain 1,500 words
Learning outcome (LO):
LO2: demonstrate an in-depth understanding of teams and motivational theories reflect on own
management and employability skills
Assignment task for Fundamentals of Management:
This assignment is based on a group presentation (due in week11, w/c 4 January 2021)
1. Build a group of 3 to 4 students, identify a historic person you find interesting and research
its history.
2. Link this person’s actions to the CVF: What actions has this person engaged in that show
behaviours related to the four approaches?
In your individual assignment (due week 15)
1. Based on the presentation in week 11, write a report that reflects on your group work using
teamwork and motivational theories.
2. Based on the information you gathered about your own actions. How would you describe
yourself using the CVF’s Action Imperatives discussed in workshop 9?
The criteria for marking your report include:
– Demonstrate in-depth understanding of teams and motivation theories
– Show ability to apply the CVF to own actions and behaviours.
– Structure, referencing, research.
This assignment is weighted at 60%.

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