Famous myth of Icarus and Dedalus

Famous myth of Icarus and Dedalus

topic : Famous myth of Icarus and Dedalus

You are writing a comparative paper that focuses on the famous myth of Icarus and Dedalus in four iterations: Landscape with the Fall of Icarus (Poem) by William Carlos Williams; Landscape with the Fall of Icarus (painting) by Pieter Bruegel; Icarus Lego cartoon on Youtube (info at bottom) and the Berlin Wall (I just added this, see bottom). The story, by the way, goes back to the ancient Greeks but it was kept alive because of the Roman poet Ovid (contemporary of Augustus, nephew of Julius Ceasar, who exiled Ovid)… Add at least one quote, which would be from either the poem or the video.
Starter Outline:

1. Thesis. Perhaps this can be followed by comments on myth and ancient world. Be sure that you mention in the thesis all the stuff you are comparing. You can also mention the typical interpretation through the ages, but also mention that we don’t necessarily follow that view as

much as we used to. You can give a brief overview of the Icarus story in your own words and even mention that Ovid is the original source.

2a. William Carlos Williams poem. B. compare with other two: painting and Lego cartoon.

3a. Pieter Bruegel the Elder painting. B. compare with two.

4a. Icarus Lego Cartoon. B. compare with other two. C. mention Berlin wall here or elsewhere….

5. Conclusion. Tie all the strands/themes and end on a high note!


William Carlos Williams’ poem Landscape with the Fall of Icarus.




Youtube video:

Video for daedalus and icaruslegoyoutube▶ 4:13

The rise and fall of the Berlin Wall – Konrad H. Jarausch – YouTube

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