Evaluation of Claim and Validity

Evaluation of Claim and Validity

-Please follow the assignment description below. The Validity of Claim paragraph is due June 16, 2021 through this assignment submission tab only, i.e. kindly do not send it through email or course messages.*Please note that students who have submitted before the deadline have received feedback for resubmission. Only the last submission is graded.*-Please remember that the major claim you are evaluating is from the article “Maybe it’s time to rewire and unplug the next generation” by Gwyn Morgan (Link: https://www.theglobeandmail.com/report-on-business/maybe-its-time-to-rewire-and-unplug-the-next-generation/article21839271/). You do not need to read the article; the assigned claim is below:*-Assigned Major Claim Evaluated: Gwyn Morgan claims that the young adults’ use of technology, such as smart phones, leads to addiction.

*Please remember to share your drafts for instructor feedback prior to submission.

* * ** * *Once you are done writing the assignment, which is one paragraph, please submit your Validity of Claim paragraph by scrolling down to upload your paragraph only in Word document/PDF.* * *Please follow the steps in listed in items C and D below (also demonstrated in video format – links below), but here are the complete contents of this assignment description:


Purpose of the Assignment.
Evaluation of Claim: Valid, Invalid or Fair.
Research Steps(+ Two Video Links).
Reporting Your Findings (+ Video Link): Writing the Assignment Paragraph.
Example of Validity of Claim Paragraph.
Validity of Claims Paragraph Rubric.
* * ** * *

A. Purpose of Assignment.

The purpose of the assignment is to evaluate the validity of staff reporters’ claim thatslang words have become broadly used enough to reach “all stripes”, stripping the slang of the weight of judgement particularly in the classroom.*

* * *

B. Evaluation of Claim: Valid, Invalid or Fair.

To evaluate the validity of the claim, we research findings/results in five to seven journal articles to check whether these findings confirmor contradict the claim above.

If all or most findings confirm or corroborate the claim, then the claim is valid.
If all or most findings contradict the claim, then the claim is invalid.
If the findings are even or somewhat even in their confirmation and contradiction of the claim, then the claim is fair.
* * *

C. Research Steps (+ Video Links below)

To complete the research portion of the assignment, please follow these steps(also listed in Module 4) and/or view the YouTube Videos (links below):

Go to library.humber.ca.
Type your keywordsin search field – remember that your research does not have to be limited to Toronto, as whatever applies to other cities also applies to Toronto.
Check Available Online(or Full-text online) andJournal Article.
Readpreview/articleto locate ‘findings’ (results) of interesting article titles.
Download/view the PDFor online article (otherwise, you will not be able to complete the APA in-text citation).
Locate the same findingsyou found in the preview in the body of the article (go to the end: to discussion or relevant heading) to locate the discussion of the findings and crucially to note the page number(s) for the in-text citation.
When paraphrase the findings, please note the page number and the title of the articles you use to be able to find them again. But remember that for in-text citation, you only need the writer(s)’ last name(s), the year of publication and page number.
* * *

Video Link to Demonstration of Research Steps:

Video of Steps 1 to 4: https://youtu.be/MDKYA6f5ocU (Please note that the article used in the video is for demonstration purposes only; your assigned target article – link below – appears at the opening of this assigment description. As always, remember to pause, replay and activate captions as the need arises.)

* * ** * *

D. Reporting Your Findings (+ Video Link): Writing the Assignment Paragraph.* * *Once you have completed gathering your five to seven findings (and the relevant citation information), you can start writing your validity of claims paragraph in the following order:* * *

C-CLAIM: Paraphrase the claim you intend to evaluate (listed in item A. above). Remember to begin with “Morgan claims that”.
P-PRONOUNCE Verdict: Immediately let the reader know whether you find the claim to be valid, invalid or fair in a short and focused sentence.
E-EVIDENCE: paraphrase your findings starting with the weakest finding. Remember to add the APA in-text citation.
E-EXPLANATION: after each finding, add your explanation of how/whether the finding confirms or contradicts the claim you evaluate in the paragraph.
Repeat steps three and four above several times as you report your five to seven findings: report a finding and immediately explain it; then report the next finding followed by the explanation etc.
L-LINK: in the concluding sentence(s), instead of a sum up, explain again how your strongest findings confirm your verdict that the claim is valid, invalid or fair. This conclusion is a synthesis aimed at completing your persuasion of the reader.
* * *

Video Link to Writing the Validity of Claim Paragraph:

https://youtu.be/Pe7cOpD2THs (Please note that the article used in the video is for demonstration purposes only; your assigned claim is the following:Gwyn Morgan claims that the young adults’ use of technology, such as smart phones, leads to addiction.

* * ** * *

E. Example of the Validity of Claim Paragraph.

* * *Please find student examples of the Validity of Claim paragraph in Module 1 and 2. A third example appears below.

* * *

The Independent newspaper claims that because prosthetics (or artificial limbs) have become functional and aesthetically pleasing, these new prosthetics are accompanied by a shift from shame to satisfaction, comfort and pride (para. 1-3). This claim seems to be invalid. Currently prosthetics break down or malfunction a lot, are heavy and seem to be not that functional. Consumers have been waiting for awhile for improvements in these areas, but these improvements have not happened (Biddiss, Beaton and Chau, 2007, page 355). In other words, consumers are still waiting for better prosthetics, and one can safely say that these consumers are frustrated or at least dissatisfied. “Ironically” the simple architecture of upper limb prosthetics dating back to 1912 is still used today despite decades of innovation (Antfolk et. al., 2013, page 51). It is ironic because consumers who believe that the prosthetics have become functional do not realize that they are using a very old technology, dating back to 1912. It is also ironic because of the lack of development of the technology while other sectors are thriving and innovating. Prosthetic joint infection is frequent. (Tande and Patel, 2014, page 330). Given that prosthetics frequently give people infections, it disproves the argument of them becoming functional even though they could be seen as aesthetically pleasing. Even though half an argument is made there, it seems that it would be more important for the prosthetic to be functional rather than aesthetically pleasing. In another study that was conducted the patients complained about the prosthetics including “mechanical failure, cable breakage and joint loosing” as well as “stump pain” when they were using prosthetics and “displeasure” while fitting the prosthetic (Bhaskaran and, Bhat andAcharya, 2013, page 365).This study shows that patients who are users of prosthetics say that they are uncomfortable and that the prosthetics create more problems then ever. Thus the idea that prosthetics are a source of pride is questionable, as they frequently cause infections and often malfunction.

* * ** * *

F. Validity of Claims Paragraph Rubric.

* * *1. Paraphrasing findings relevant to claim and explaining the findings’ relevance to the claim (how it confirms/corroborates or contradicts the claim) – 5%.2. Inserting the complete and proper APA in-text citation – 5%.3. Following the C-PEEL paragraph structure (above in item D. and modelled on the video in D. or the example in the video in item E.) – 5%.

Evaluation of Claim and Validity Evaluation of Claim and Validity


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Evaluation of Claim and Validity

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