Ethics Journal Assignment Instructions

Ethics Journal Assignment Instructions

topic : Ethics Journal Assignment Instructions


The Rae & Wong text presents a number of readings that provoke thoughtful reflection regarding our business practices as Christians. The authors of the text attempt to carry the conversation further by providing reflective questions at the end of most readings. These questions probe the reader’s reactions to the articles and the positions taken by the articles’ authors. Questions such as these can help hone inour thoughts regarding these issues and clarify our ethical positions accordingly. Thus, we will take time to address these questions in journal format.


After reading each module’s selected readings from the Rae & Wong text, you will use the Ethics Journal Template to answer the accompanying questions that correspond to the reading for that module. Though the journal is not submitted until the final week of the course, you are strongly encouraged to work on this journal incrementally to allow for genuine reflection on the material presented. You will use the Ethics Journal Template provided to answer the questions. There is no minimum or maximum amount of writing for any particular question; instead, youmust simply ensure that each question is answered in complete, well-written sentences. Your responses mustbe written in first person and demonstrate thoughtful reflection—no additional research or APA formatting is required.

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