Ethical decision making process

Ethical decision making process

topic: Ethical decision making process

* Ethics to include: Multicultural perspective, confidentiality, ethical-professional boundaries, ethical issues, professional competence.

This personal reflection and position paper consists of four parts and should be a total 12-14 pages in length and have at least 6-8 sources in the bibliography. Properly cited WWW references are acceptable and encouraged. Citations should also be properly referenced throughout the paper. As you write your paper, draw from your experiences. The purpose of the term paper is to help you integrate the central ethical concepts of the course with both your personal and professional experiences.

Part I

The ethical decision making process: Describe your ethical decision making process? How would you address ethical issues that you are likely to encounter as a helping professional? What issues will influence your ability to help/counsel in an effective and ethical manner? Chapters 1 and 2 of the textbook and the professional codes are primary sources for this section.

Part II

An analysis of your personal values: What are your core values? How will these values help/hinder you as a helping professional? Because of your core values, what clients would you have difficulty helping? How will your values affect your working with clients from other cultures? Chapter 3 of the textbook is primary source.

Part III

Boundary issues in the helping professions: Chapter 7 of the textbook and the professional codes are a primary source for this section. Address multiple relationships and multiple responsibilities. When dealing with clients, what are some of the boundary issues that you might struggle with? How might you resolve these issues? What are some of the boundary concerns in such areas as training, education, supervision, and multicultural issues?

Part IV

Give your reactions to the professional codes, portions of which have been presented in the textbook chapters and in the online lectures. What are some of the strengths and limitations of such codes? Are there any areas in which you strongly agree/disagree with the professional codes (too strict, too lenient, just right)? Is there a professional code that you prefer over the others? For example, the NOHS (2015) professional code is specifically for helpers in human services; strengths/limitations?

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