Ethical decision-making at work

Ethical decision-making at work

topic : Ethical decision-making at work

Of everything you have learned this semester, what is the most striking? In what ways will the things you have learned apply in the real world? In this activity, you will explore those questions by involving someone at your job or within your community in a conversation about ethical decision-making at work. You’ll present the outcomes of the conversation in a short video in which you share what this meant to you personally. You’ll accompany your video with a brief written evaluation.

This assignment is to be completed by teaching or explaining something valuable that you have learned about professional ethics with a colleague or manager at work. You’ll do this by means of a conversation. (Note: if this is not an option for you, you can do this with a member of your community with whom you share a common set of problem-solving responsibilities, e.g. a parent-teacher association, a home owner’s association, etc.)

How to proceed:

List three different ethical approaches/types from the course that were particularly striking to you.
With a coworker, identify a common ethical conflict in your profession (Military). Barring that, invent a case study to work on.
Share the three different ethical approaches with your coworker. Teach them what you have learned.
Have a conversation. In dialogue, discuss three different ways you might ethically respond to the conflict or case given the different ethical approaches.
You have to work this through together with your coworker, colleague, or manager.
What to submit:

Submit a two or three-minute personal video/audio in which you share what you learned from the conversation.
Along with your video/audio, submit a 500-word short summary. Your summary should include these elements:
The list and define the three ethical approaches you used in the conversation.
Share how three different responses might play out because each ethical approach is different.
Share what you learned from teaching the ethical approaches and conversing about a resolution with your colleague.
Your thoughts – what is the relevance of the things you learned here to a real-world setting
This activity is used to assess one or more general education career competencies (GECC). You will see additional rows in your rubric from your instructor along with assessments of Above/Meets/Does Not Meet Expectations for each competency. These rows do not factor into your grade.

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