Entity-relationship diagram (ERD)

Entity-relationship diagram (ERD)

Title: Entity-relationship diagram (ERD)

Part A: Develop an entity-relationship diagram (ERD) and its corresponding database (Microsoft Access) to be used by a product manufacturer to manage the orders it receives from its customers. Part A will be submitted as an MS WORD document. Make sure the ERD diagram shows the relation between entities clearly. Use the attached document to develop ERD for your database.

Each customer is identified uniquely by a customer id; include the first name, last name, and address for each customer.
The company has several products that it stocks and for which customers place orders.
Each product has a unique id, unique name, unit price, and quantity on hand. At any time, a customer may place an order which will involve possibly many products.
For each product ordered the database must know the quantity ordered and the unit price at that point in time. If the customer does this through a phone call then an employee is involved in the call and will be responsible for the order from the company side.
Some orders are placed via the Internet. For each order, an order number is generated. For each order, the database must keep track of the order number, the date the order was placed, and the date by which the customer needs to receive the goods.
Part B: Consider the Orders database. This database has several one-to-many relationships.Part B will be submitted as an MS ACCESS file. Make sure one-to-many relationship runs between entities according to the ERD diagram in Part A Create appropriate forms to list:

A customer and the customer’s orders
Order and its detail lines
A product and the order detail lines where the product is referenced
A category and the products belonging to the category.
Use the information provided in the Relational Databases and Microsoft Access Relational Databases and Microsoft Access – Alternative Formats document. Pages 118 and 185.Also, watch the video at the following link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=57jBdK3YVJo


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Entity-relationship diagram (ERD) Entity-relationship diagram (ERD)

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