Enterprise cloud technology solution

Enterprise cloud technology solution
Part 1: Enterprise cloud technology solution

The leadership of Global Technology Retailers (GTR) is considering AWS for their enterprise cloud solution, but some members of the leadership team are skeptical of this solution. They have asked you, as an IT architect and IT manager, to provide them with a report describing the advantages and disadvantages of AWS. Create an AWS Evaluation report; use any of the material from this course, individual research, as well as the AWS website. Based on what you learned in the course and any personal experience with the solution, provide the following in your report: • An explanation of the reasons for switching to cloud architecture from on-premises, in general • A description of the purpose of AWSA description of at least two advantages of using AWS* • A description of at least two disadvantages of AWS* • A chart with AWS’s primary competitors and a brief description of strengths and cautions. (Tip: pick two or three competitors and focus on general strengths and cautions relevant to GTR.) • Anything else you feel your leadership team would need to know *The advantages and disadvantages should be relevant to rapidly growing GTR and its retail operations in 10 states and five countries. For example, one consideration could be if AWS does not operate in a country where GTR does business, is there an impact? Format your citations per APA guidelines and give attribution where appropriate.

Part 2:

Global Technology Retailers (GTR) is pleased with the report you submitted, which addressed many of the concerns with AWS. They are getting closer to moving forward with the decision to adopt AWS for their cloud computing. However, they are interested in finding out how other large retailers have used AWS to solve challenges. As the IT architect and IT manager, prepare a summary of at least three or four case studies with citations to help them see how other retailers were able to use the cloud technology. Refer to the AWS Customer Success web page, where you can read case studies. You can search case studies by Company Type or by Solution to find studies for this assignment. Write a 2- to 3-page summary of three or four case studies. Include the issue or challenge the retailer wished to solve, how they used the technology, and the outcome. Close by sharing any common challenges among the retailers and how the solutions may relate to GTR. Format your citations of the study and any other sources per APA guidelines and provide attribution, where appropriate.


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