Decision Making Consumer Behavior

Decision Making Consumer Behavior

topic : Decision Making Consumer Behavior


Since popular media (i.e.TV in the 1950’s, internet/digital/social media now) has become more accessible, it has changed the way people view what is normal and what people “need” to have. For example, many times we don’t know something exists until we see it on TV or the internet, and suddenly we HAVE to have it. A young kid thinks they are poor because EVERYONE else has certain shoes, phones, etc.

1. How do you feel marketing has influenced the consumer behavior of families? Is this making it harder for families to keep their heads above water?
2. What are a few product examples that are associated with the poor, the working class, and the rich?
3. Do you feel it is ethical for marketers to target children so they influence their parents to buy products – why or why not?


You have been retained by the Walt Disney Company as a marketing consultant to design a study investigating how families make vacation decisions.

1. Among the family members, whom would you interview? What kind of questions would you ask?
2. How would you assess the relative power of each family member in making vacation-related decisions?

PS: Consider the material attached in Power Point on “family decision making” in your answer.


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rubric for Decision Making Consumer Behavior

A (4) B (3) C (2) D/F (1/0)
Focus: Purpose Purpose is clear Shows awareness of purpose Shows limited awareness of purpose No awareness
Main idea Clearly presents a There is a main idea Vague sense of a No main idea
main idea and supported throughout main idea, weakly
supports it most of the paper. supported
throughout the throughout the
paper. paper.
Organization: Well-planned and Good overall There is a sense of No sense of
Overall well-thought out. organization, includes organization, organization
Includes title, the main although some of the
introduction, organizational tools. organizational tools
statement of main are used weakly or
idea, transitions and missing
Organization: All paragraphs have Most paragraphs have Some paragraphs Para. lack clear ideas
Paragraphs clear ideas, are clear ideas, are have clear ideas,
supported with supported with some support from
examples and have examples and have examples may be
smooth transitions. transitions. missing and
transitions are weak.
Content Exceptionally well- Well-presented and Content is sound and Content is not sound
presented and argued; ideas are solid; ideas are
argued; ideas are detailed, developed present but not
detailed, well- and supported with particularly
developed, evidence and details, developed or
supported with mostly specific. supported; some
specific evidence & evidence, but
facts, as well as usually of a
examples and generalized nature.
specific details.
Research (if Sources are Sources are well Sources support The paper does not
assignment exceptionally well- integrated and some claims made in use adequate
includes a integrated and they support the paper’s the paper, but might research or if it does,
research support claims claims. There may be not be integrated the sources are not
component) argued in the paper occasional errors, but well within the integrated well.
very effectively. the sources and paper’s argument. They are not cited
Quotations and Works Cited conform There may be a few correctly according
Works Cited to MLA style sheet. errors in MLA to MLA style, nor
conform to MLA style.. listed correctly on
style sheet. the Works Cited
Style: Sentence Sentences are clear Sentences are clear Sentences are Sentences aren’t
structure and varied in but may lack generally clear but clear
pattern, from simple variation; a few may may have awkward
to complex, with be awkward and there structure or unclear
excellent use of may be a few content; there may
punctuation. punctuation errors. be patterns of


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