NOO playgrsim 

high school level 

Narrative essay 



i want u to write about significant thing happend in my life and has changed my life.


i want you to write abou t the story i will put it below 


” i was in Kuwait shooting team i was good shooter. i reach high scores in training, but i went to 5 competions and i did too bad. and once i got in the Asia final to but i lost in final. i was sooo disappointed after that. the reason of that i was thinking about the other shooter more than my self which let me to lost concentrate. my coach came to me and he gave me an advise changed my way of thinking. he told me Bander dont think about others while u can think about your self. thinking aboout others make you losing your foucs. and to chalege my self and trying to score hiegher than my last score. this change my way of thinkng and shooting and help me also out of ranges in my general life. igot the gold medel after 7 months in Aisa competion 


i started shooting in 2009 and o got the gold in 2012

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