Creating An Engagement Survey

Creating An Engagement Survey

Assignment title: Creating An Engagement Survey

This competency will allow you to examine the challenges to leading change and identify a real life situation which successfully led change.

Student Success Criteria

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Your boss needs you to develop an employee engagement survey that consists of 10 questions that will be administered through email to all employees. She hands you the following requirements that must be addressed within the survey:

Organizational commitment type.

Monetary commitment – motivated by money

Continual commitment – robotic employee

Affective commitment – motivated by passion

Leader-member exchange to the supervisor.

What is the relationship between the employee and the supervisor?

Leader-member exchange to the organization.

What is the employee’s relationship to the operation?

Perception of support from the supervisor.



Perception of support from the organization.



Your job is to submit to your boss a questionnaire that contains 10 specific questions that integrate the defined requirements above along with any other necessary information you believe would add value to understanding the employees’ thoughts and feelings about the organization.

Additionally, you need to write a one-page summary of why you chose these 10 questions. Include an introduction demonstrating an understanding of organizational commitment, leader-member exchange, and perception of support. Within the body of the summary, provide comparative research with other possible engagement surveys. Lastly, within the conclusion, explain why your survey will add operational value to the organization.


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