Creating a Learning Environment

Creating a Learning Environment

topic :Creating a Learning Environment

Universal Design for Learning: Creating a Learning Environment that Challenges and Engages All Students

Session 4: Out-of-Class Session

Due: Sunday, February 13, 2022 11:59 AM EST

Name: ____Jiaqi Ma___________

Date: ______2/14/2022_________

Focus Area: ___Early Childhood__________


1. Review the UDL module created by the IRIS Center at Make sure you have looked at each tab to thoroughly understand what UDL is and how it applies in curricular components.

2. Next, review the CAST website at Take the time to review how UDL makes learning inclusive and transformative for everyone. Also, towards the middle of the page, click on the link to explore and learn the UDL Guidelines.

3. Now is your opportunity to explore additional resources related to Universal Design for Learning. To receive your participation grade for this assignment, identify 3 other resources related to UDL that will both enhance your professional practice and deepen your understanding of the content. Resources selected may be blogs, wikis, websites, and/or articles. Resources selected should be recent – published within the last 5 years.

4. Using the form below, summarize what you learn from each resource in 2-3 paragraphs. Include an explanation about how information presented in the resource will impact your professional practice in your focus area. Before the summary for each resource, include:

· Title

· Author

· Copyright or publishing date

· URL (if applicable)

5. Submit your finished product in Blackboard under Assignments. You will receive up to 4 points of your weekly participation grade for the completion of this assignment.

Resource #1 (info from bulleted list above goes here) –


Resource #2 (info from bulleted list above goes here) –


Resource #3 (info from bulleted list above goes here) –



Write a 3000 words essay using APA/MLA/HAVARD/CHICAGO format and ensure strict adherence instructions

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