Cover Letter And Civilian Resume

Cover Letter And Civilian Resume

title: Cover Letter And Civilian Resume

Highly qualified Logistics Manager and Military Veteran with an Active DoD Secret Security Clearance and 5 years of management experience within the area’s logistics management, property accountability, supply and services, property book management, supervisory duties, and customer service. Possess extensive knowledge in SAP (Systems Applications and Products in Data Processing), ERP (Enterprise Recourse Planning) and GCSS (Global Combat Support System). Procurement professional skilled in managing materials, service and equipment needs on various projects for government and commercial both US and International. Experience utilizing SAP software to order expendable and durable pieces of equipment and supplies and tracked inbound and outbound deliveries.

Core Competencies

Supply management Great Organization Skills

Asset Management Microsoft Applications

Inventory Control Warehouse Operations

Material Management Shipping and Receiving

Work Experience:

Battalion S4 Supply Specialist | U.S. Army | 1-67th Armored Regiment Battalion, 3-1 Brigade

January 2018- November 2018

· Responsible for all logistical support and sustainment of 1-67th Battalion which encompasses 1,000 Soldiers

· Oversaw the unit Command Supply Discipline Program and inventory management and accountability of expendable, durable and non-expendable property worth of $50M

· Requested, received, and distributed durable, and expendable supplies throughout the unit

· Responsible for purchases of expendable and non-expendable supplies for the unit.

· Conducted Inspections based on Army Supply Regulation and Policies

· Maintain unit administrative files and transactions records.

Private to Sergeant | U.S. Army | E-1 to E-4 US Army Active Duty

August 2018 – Present

· Responsible for requisition and management of all classes of supplies

· Principal advisor to Commander on all logistical functions

· Manage Unit Command Supply Discipline Program

· Implemented internal controls for all Logistical operations

· Primary custodian of Commanders supplies, and equipment valued in excess of $50M

· Subject Matter Expert (SME) on Logistical and Sustainment operations

· Maintained 100% accountability for property conducting Cyclic Inventories and Sensitive Item Inventories with zero discrepancies.

· Provided excellent customer service to military and commercial shipping companies by scheduling the arrival and departure of equipment through air, rail, water, and ground operations.

· Turned in and transferred equipment to various locations around the globe resulting in the removal of over $10M worth of equipment from the property book.


High School Diploma

Kodiak High School


-GCSS-ARMY (Global Combat Support System) SAP WinGui

-Arims (Army Records Information Management System)

-LIW (Logistics Support Warehouse)

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