Considering any feedback received

Considering any feedback received

topic : Considering any feedback received

Begin with Sections I and II, considering any feedback received,
and add to it Section III.

Write a short concise paper: Use
the recommendations provided in each area for length of response. It’s important to value quality over
quantity. Section III should not
exceed 3 pages.

Content areas should be double spaced; table entries should be single-spaced.

To copy a table:
Move your cursor to the table, then click on the small box that appears
at the upper left corner of the table to highlight the table; right click and
COPY the table; put the cursor in your paper where you want the table and right
click and PASTE the table.

Ensure that each of the tables is preceded by an introductory
sentence that explains what is contained in the table, so the reader
understands why the table has been included.

Continue to use the title page created
in Stage 1 that includes: The title of
report, company name, your name, Course and Section Number, and date of this

Use at least two resources with APA formatted
citation and reference for this Stage 3 assignment. Use at least one external reference and one
from the course content. Course content should be from the class
reading content, not the assignment instructions or case study itself. For information on APA format,
refer to Content>Course Resources>Writing Resources.

Add the references required for this assignment
to the Reference Page. Additional
research in the next stage will be added to this as you build the report. The final document should contain all references
from all stages appropriately formatted and alphabetized.

Running headers are not required for this report.

Compare your work to
the Grading Rubric below to be sure you have met content and quality

Submit your paper as
a Word document, or a document that can be read in Word. Keep tables in Word format – do not paste in

Your submission
should include your last name first in the filename: Lastname_firstname_Stage_3

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