Conflict Paper GuidelinesCom 325

Conflict Paper GuidelinesCom 325

topic : Conflict Paper GuidelinesCom 325

The goal of the two required conflict papers that you will prepare is to help you understand how the principles of conflictdiscussed in class can be applied to real world settings.

Step 1: The first step in preparing the presentation is to select two separate conflict cases to analyze. Each paper will focus on one case. Select interpersonal conflicts that you are familiar with. They could be family conflicts between spouses, siblings, or others in your family. They could be a conflict between you and another party related to your relationship with that person. Alternatively, you could select conflicts from a movie that portrays parties in an interpersonal relationship. The key in this assignment is to select two conflicts in which you can identify the goals of the parties and the issues they are seeking to resolve in these conflicts. They can be something ongoing or long-since resolved.

Once you have selected your two cases, move on to Step 2.

Step 2: Prepare a 5 page (minimum) paper for each case that is double-spaced and addresses these five issues. Be sure to label each section so you will receive credit. These papers are difficult to grade if I can’t see that you’ve completed all the sections. Use the following labels given below:

Case Overview.Provide a 2-3 paragraph overview of the case. Include a description of the parties involved and the substantive, relational, and identity issues at the heart of the conflict. Describe its current status. Is it escalating, are they moving to conflict resolution or what’s happening? Provide some background. Why is the conflict happening, where is it happening, and how is it evolving? You may also wish to provide some information about its impact.
Disputants’ Goals. Conduct an analysis of the parties’ goals. What are their substantive, relational and identity goals? List at least three goals (one in each category) for each party. Then based on your goal analysis, describe why the conflict is happening. Are parties trying to prevent one another from accomplishing their goals? How are they doing that?
Disputants’ Issues. Describe the specific issues parties are trying to resolve. What are the highest priority issues? Why are they having trouble resolving the issues? Give specific examples of the issues.
Theoretical Analysis. Conduct a theoretical analysis of the conflict. Identify a specific theory discussed in class or in the book that models or explains how or why the conflict is moving in the direction it is moving. The book and the lectures present manytheories that explain why conflicts happen. You’re required to use one of these theories in your analysis. The approved list of theories you can use include from lecture are labeled “Theory” during in the lectures. Not using a concept labeled “Theory” will cause you to lose points in this section of the paper.
Conflict Critique. Finally, present a critique of the conflict. Based on your analysis, what did you think parties are doing that’s either not productive and is serving to escalate the conflict or that is productive and aimed at resolving it? What other specific suggestions would you have for addressing the conflict?Should they pursue mediation or negotiation? Leave us with the impression that you understand the conflict and have some specific, concrete ideas about how to best address it.

Each of these sections is worth 10 points for a total of 50 points for the paper.

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