comprehensive alternative assignment

comprehensive alternative assignment

After watching the entire VCS video, you must write a comprehensive alternative assignment

of the missed class session using the VCSA_Assignment_Template or Alternative Task

Template (as directed). This should not only review the content presented by your faculty

member, it must also include:

a. Responses to each question asked during the VCS, based upon the requirements for

your course level:

the required number is 5 of paragraphs and key points to include is 2.

These responses must contain your original thoughts on the matter, plus outside

material (direct quotes or paraphrases) that support your viewpoints and/or contentions.

The supporting material must be properly cited and referenced as per APA standards.

i. Your responses must meet the 80% originality requirement, meaning that 80%

of what you write must be in your own words. A maximum of 20% of the

content can come from quoted material. Remember that quotes and

paraphrases can only be used as supporting material, and can never replace

your own thoughts and words.

3. When finished, your completed summary must be a minimum of 2 pages

4. The VCSA must follow standard APA-formatting requirements (Times New Roman 12-point

font, double-line spaced, first line indents, title and reference pages, etc.).

5. Your VCSA must contain the number of academic resources, as shown below: a. General

Education/Integrated Studies courses = 7

6. The VCSA must be edited and spell/grammar-checked to ensure academic quality.


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