Community health care services

Community health care services

Assignment Content for Community health care services
Imagine you’ve been selected to present at a local event about health care services provided to your community.

Create a 10- to 15-slide presentation that discusses health care providers, services, and usage.

Part 1: Health Care Services
Select 3 health care services from the list below:
Preventive care or public health
Ambulatory or primary care
Subacute or long-term care
Acute care
Auxiliary services
Rehabilitative services
End-of-life care
Mental health services
Emergency management or disaster preparedness
Dental services
Military and veteran services
Indian health services
Complete the following in your presentation:
Identify the selected health care service providers.
Describe the health care needs of the populations served by these providers.
Identify 3 services or products they provide to help with the quality of care.
Part 2: Consumer Access
Many factors can influence the access to and usage of health care services, such as:
Services offered
Describe how these factors can affect the usage of the health care services you covered in Part 1.

Include detailed speaker notes of at least 50 words per slide.

Cite any references to support your assignment.

Format your presentation according to APA guidelines.

Submit your assignment.

Power Point Slides – Suggested approach (however – all Power Point presentations require – Title slide, introduction slide, conclusion slide, and References slide).
1) Title slide per APA guidelines
Health Care Providers, Products, and Usage (always ONLY include the official assignment title)
your full name
University of Phoenix
July 26, 2021 (date spelled out, not abbreviated)
Peggy C. Frank, MBA (Instructor’s full name)
2) Introduction slide -Part #1
3) name your provider (1 of 3)
4) discuss services offered by the provider
5) name provider (2 of 3)
6) discuss services offered by the provider
7) name your provider (3 of 3)
8) discuss services offered by the provider
9) Introduction slide – Part #2
10) Name provider – discuss factors that impact use of the provider
11) Name provider – discuss factors that impact use of provider
12) Name provider– discuss factors that impact use of provider
(Important — don’t just list the factors by name – but explain/demonstrate that you understand these factors as related to your provider. The 5 factors: motivation, income, services offered, knowledge, and location.)
13) Conclusion slide – summarize key points you already made in your presentation – not new information.
14) References slide – all references cited per APA requirements

Speakers notes are required. When you are ready to submit your work – do be sure to review your presentation to be sure YOU can see your Notes. If you can’t likely I can’t either. Save your presentation as a Power Point – do not save as a PDF – I will be unable to see your speakers notes if you save as a PDF. See more details below, please.

Center for Writing Excellence
Reference and Citation Generator
Grammar Assistance
How to do speakers notes

Your speaker notes – are for you – pretend you are giving this presentation to an 1,100 person audience. They need to be able to See to Read what is on your slides – so only include a few bullet points of info on each slide and the information that supports the slides — your “cheat notes” to help you delivery your presentation – all of the content in full sentences, written in your own words – belongs in the speakers notes section.
In our class for Wk3 and Wk5 speakers notes for each Power Point Presentation is a requirement!
Speaker notes help you remember what to say when you present.
Add speaker notes
Slides work best when you don’t cram too much information (especially too much text) onto them.
Keep the text to a minimum and put the extra stuff in the speaker notes section, out of your audience’s sight. Then, refer to your notes while you give the presentation.

Open the notes pane by clicking NOTES at the bottom of the window.
Click in the notes pane below the slide, and enter your notes.


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Community health care services

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