Clinical guiding-PICOT question

Clinical guiding-PICOT question

topic : Clinical guiding-PICOT question

For Clinical guiding-PICOT question assignment,
you will create a clinical guiding question know as a PICOT question. The PICOT
question must be relevant to a nursing practice problem. To support your PICOT
question, identify six supporting peer-reviewed research articles, as indicated
below. The PICOT question and six peer-reviewed research articles you choose
will be utilized for subsequent assignments.

Use the
“Literature Evaluation Table” to complete this assignment.

Select a nursing practice problem of interest to
use as the focus of your research. Start with the patient population and
identify a clinical problem or issue that arises from the patient population.
In 200–250 words, provide a summary of the clinical issue.

Following the PICOT format, write a PICOT
question in your selected nursing practice problem area of interest. The PICOT
question should be applicable to your proposed capstone project (the project
students must complete during their final course in the RN-BSN program of

The PICOT question will provide a framework for
your capstone project.

Conduct a literature search to locate six
research articles focused on your selected nursing practice problem of
interest. This literature search should include three quantitative and three
qualitative peer-reviewed research articles to support your nursing practice

Note: To assist in
your search, remove the words qualitative and quantitative and include words
that narrow or broaden your main topic. For example: Search for diabetes and
pediatric and dialysis. To determine what research design was used in the
articles the search produced, review the abstract and the methods section of
the article. The author will provide a description of data collection using
qualitative or quantitative methods. Systematic Reviews, Literature Reviews,
and Metanalysis articles are good resources and provide a strong level of
evidence but are not considered primary research articles. Therefore,
they should not be included in this assignment.

While APA style is
not required for the body of this assignment, solid academic writing is
expected, and documentation of sources should be presented using APA formatting
guidelines, which can be found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student
Success Center.

This assignment uses
a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become
familiar with the expectations for successful completion.

On Thu, Jun 24, 2021 at 6:00 AM Edwin Murithi <> wrote:
it has to be 10 pages double spaced. 10 references from related journals and books. It is HRD/TECH program evaluation and I was going to go with teachers and the turnovers that happen. It needs to be focused or related to education and levels using Kirkpatricks model

The paper should be at least 12 pages in length, double-spaced with 1” margins on all sides; At least 10 references from related journals and books. Required page length includes references but does not include appendices, e.g., questionnaire surveys.
This is an independent project for students to demonstrate their learning.

This assignment is intended to develop students’ hands-on experience in learning HRD/TECH program evaluation. Among other things, the objectives include
Obtaining service learning-based experience
Gaining in-depth knowledge on real world evaluation and measurement project
Applying models and methods covered in the course
Practicing analytical and critical thinking

Identify an HRD/TECH program in an organization and conduct an evaluation and measurement project. You may conduct any levels of evaluation per Kirkpatrick’s taxonomy beyond level one. In other words, no reaction level evaluation will be accepted. Ideally, your project report is to be a service for a host organization or a community to improve the effectiveness of a learning related program.

The evaluation report should at least include the following:
1.Describe a selected training or HRD program and the background of the organization. (Answer the question of “what is happening?”)
2.Specify the evaluation question. (Answer the question of “what are you trying to evaluate?”)
3.Discuss the evaluation method. (Answer the question of “What approach is used?”)
4.Explain the data collection process. (Answer the question of “where the data comes from?” and “how the data is collected?”)
5.Describe your analysis and report the findings/results. (Answer the question of “how do you analyze the data and what have you found?)
6.Discuss recommendations to the program and the organization based on the evaluation results. (Answer the question of “So what?”)
7.Discuss lessons learned from the project.

You are encouraged to be creative in your evaluation report and you must include the above seven components in your final report. The following is a recommended structure for the report:

Program Evaluation Report — Content Outline Guide
Title page (with a project title and author name)
Table of Content
Brief background on the organization and the program (2-3 pages)
Basic information about the organization and the program
Purpose and/or rationale of the evaluation
Evaluation question(s)
Stakeholders of the program
Audiences of the program evaluation
Evaluation Design (3 -4 pages)
Evaluation questions
Data collection methods and procedures
Variables or measures of success
Instruments for data collection
Sampling procedures
Data analysis procedures and statistics
Results (3-5 pages)
Description of sample
Results of data analysis
Discussions, Recommendations, and Implications (1-2 pages)
Appendices if applicable


Write a 3000 words essay using APA/MLA/HAVARD/CHICAGO format and ensure strict adherence instructions

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