Change Management Final Assignment

Change Management Final Assignment

Topic: Change Management Final Assignment

Use the same company as for the midterm assignment.

Company name: ABC

Please do the following:

1. Develop a full plan for change using either Appreciative enquiry, or John Kotter´s 8 steps for change as a basis. (50%)

2. Develop a plan to managing the performance of the teams affected by the change initiative, using Elizabeth Kubler Ross theory. (25%)

3. Present your change project plan schedule using a Gantt Chart. (25%)

Goal: To develop in detail the full organizational change plan for this company.

• Outcome 1: understand and apply the competencies and behaviors of an effective change agent.

• Outcome 2: assess and evaluate the varying diagnostic tools used to facilitate organizational change

• Outcome 3: Demonstrate the ability to appraise the ideas and arguments of academics and practitioners to assess the validity of the conclusions reached within the context of change management.

• Outcome 4: compare and contrast four change strategies and effectively apply them within defined contexts and/or specific organizations;

• Outcome 5: develop and recommend an appropriate change management plan in accordance with an organization’s mission, processes,

This activity must meet the following formatting requirements:

• Font size 12

• Double-spaced

• 2000 words

• Harvard Referencing System

• pdf only

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