Cause or effect papers

Cause or effect papers

topic : Cause or effect papers

Cause or Effect

Cause or effect papers are intended to show or deepen a reader’s
understanding about how specific forces work to bring about a result. Primarily
you will be persuading your reader to see the negative effects of a particular
process or what causes it. This will lead the reader to see a need for change
or reinforce the effectiveness of a specific action. Once again you will need
to find at least 3 outside sources
to back up your claims. You will need
the following paper qualities:


body paragraphs with clear topic
sentences and support

transitions between points


Length: 3-4 pages
double spaced

*list sources used at end of paper


You will want to deepen the reader’s
understanding of the forces within the cause and effect relationship, which
will lead them to take a position on the issue. This could be an event,
occurrence, development, process, problem or condition that needs to be fully
explained in how it operates so the reader can better assess how they should
logically side on the issue.

Once you pick a topic, either focus on 3 causes or 3 effects.
Trying to do both with this length of paper will not allow you to cover the
details needed for analysis.

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Rubric for Cause or effect papers


●      Attention-grabbing hook


●      Sets context with details that reveals significance and relevance


●      Clear and concise thesis with although clause, stance, and because clause


Body Paragraphs

●      3 logical and specific causes or effects


●      Specific and adequate evidence from credible sources


●      Appropriate source introduction and incorporation


●      Clear analysis


●      Appropriate length


●      Logical arrangement


●      Use of strong transitions

Word Choice

●      Academic/professional tone


●      Avoids cliches, slang,absolutes,personal pronouns,and loaded words


●      Concise phrasing and varied word choice


●      Provides summary of the key points


●      Creates an expanded thought


●      Strong last impression

Free from errors      /2.5
Page length (3-4)      /2.5


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