Business Idea and Stakeholders Discussion

Business Idea and Stakeholders Discussion

topic: Business Idea and Stakeholders Discussion

Question 1

Part 1

Write one full paragraph (at least 10-15 sentences) in which you introduce yourself to the rest of the class. You can provide other information but be sure to include at least the following: your name, major, previous experience in work/business, and career goals or interests. If you currently have no idea regarding your future career, no problem. You can discuss your uncertainty and a couple of career possibilities that you might want to explore.

Part II: Write another full paragraph (at least 10-15sentences) discussing what you would most like to learn from this class. Please explain your thoughts clearly and provide enough detail so that I and your classmates can fully understand what you are interested in learning in this class. In addition to explaining what you want to learn, let us know why you want to learn it as well.

Question 2

Part I: Write at least one paragraph discussing an idea you might have for a new business. We can think of a business as trying to solve a problem or satisfy a need of particular groups of people. Have fun with this and think about the following questions: What type of customers will your business focus on and what needs of these people will your business try to satisfy? How will your business satisfy these needs and how will your business be different and better than the competition. You should also explain where your business will be located and why you chose the location(s). Your only constraints are that the business must be legal and physically possible (no Game of Thrones dragon businesses). If you want to assume that you have a certain amount of money needed for the business, that is fine.

Part II: Additionally, aside from customers, choose two other groups of stakeholders that you feel are most important to satisfy in order to ensure the success of the business? Stakeholders are groups of people that are impacted or affected by the business. These can include customers, employees, investors (owners or lenders), suppliers/vendors, the government, the local community, creditors (people you owe money to), etc. The idea is that if you satisfy the needs of your stakeholders, they will be more likely to satisfy the needs of the business. Explain why you chose each of these two other stakeholders (how are these stakeholders important to the business) and explain in detail how your business will satisfy their needs. Again, focus on how your business will be different and better than the competition. You should write a separate paragraph for each stakeholder.

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Business Idea and Stakeholders Discussion

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