Big Data Solution for Businesses

Big Data Solution for Businesses

CIS 5681 Research Project

Big Data Solution for Businesses

Term Paper Requirements


The purpose of this assignment is to give the student the opportunity to examine an issue, take a position and defend the position. It will also give the student an opportunity to use research resources that can serve lifelong learning.


Deadlines for identifying a topic and supplying an outline are listed in the course schedule. The topic must be approved by the instructor.

Formatting for all submissions:

Typed, using Arial or Times New Roman font

12-point font size

One-inch margins on all four edges

Double spaced

Page numbering at bottom (excluding the cover sheet on final draft)

Headings as appropriate

Citations and references using Chicago-style.

Additional formatting for final draft:

Approximately five pages (1700 to 1900 words) excluding the cover sheet and reference list

Cover sheet should include the paper’s title, course title, date and author’s name with email address.

Examples of topics (in broad terms):

1. The productivity impact of big data tools to businesses

2. The cost impact of big data tools to businesses

3. How to measure the value of big data in businesses

4. The best practices of Big Data in businesses

5. Security with AWS Cloud computing

6. Big Data Integration in businesses

7. Data quality issues in Big Data

8. The combination of Blockchain and Big Data

9. How IS Big data Analytics impacting healthcare industry?

10. NoSQL data models and databases?

11. Block chain technology and cross-border payments.

12. Develop a Project to demo using DocumentDB with CRUD in a Application (java, or C#)

You must define important terms, state a position and justify your position. You may provide background and definitions to provide context for your position, but a substantial portion of your paper should be your own well-reasoned analysis of the topic. Do not simply repeat the thoughts of others!

This assignment is to be completed individually.

A printed copy must be provided. A softcopy must be sent through Safe Assign on BlackBoard. The two submissions should be the same. Submissions as email attachments will not be accepted. Your soft copy and hard copy are due at the beginning of class. If you plan to print your paper at CSC, allow plenty of time before class to do so. Others may be printing as well. The policy for late submissions is described in the syllabus and will apply to soft and hard copies submitted after the beginning of class.

For a limited period of time, you will be able to submit a draft version to Safe Assign to obtain feedback about plagiarism. After this period ends, you will have to submit the final version of the paper through Safe Assign.

Additional information

To find articles, you may look to trade resources such as

· ComputerWorld

· Dr. Dobb’s

· Information Week

· InfoWorld

More rigorous academic resources are available such as:

· ACM Digital Library

· AIS Electronic Library

· IEEE Xplore

You can access the ACM Digital Library and other databases through the JCK Library’s databases . Full articles are available in many cases.

You must include references from more rigorous sources.

Some search results will provide full-text downloads. Other will provide only the abstract and you may have to request the article through Interlibrary Loan . The latter may take a few days so do not wait to begin your research.


The Library staff is available to aid with your research. You may visit the library or contact them through their Virtual Reference .

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Big Data Solution for Businesses Big Data Solution for Businesses

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