Big Data Means Big Potential

Big Data Means Big Potential

topic : Big Data Means Big Potential

When you wake in the morning, you
may reach for your cell phone to reply to a few text or email messages that you

overnight. On your drive to work, you may stop to refuel your car. Upon
your arrival, you might swipe a key card at the door to gain

entrance to the
facility. And before finally reaching your workstation, you may stop by the
cafeteria to purchase a coffee.

From the moment you wake, you are
in fact a data-generation machine. Each use of your phone, every transaction
you make using a debit or credit card, even your entrance to your place of
work, creates data. It begs the question: How much data do you generate

day? Many studies have been conducted on this, and the numbers are staggering:
Estimates suggest that nearly 1 million bytes of data are generated every
second for every person on earth.

As the volume of data increases,
information professionals have looked for ways to use big data—large, complex
sets of data that

require specialized approaches to use effectively. Big data
has the potential for significant rewards—and significant risks—to healthcare.
In this Discussion, you will consider these risks and rewards.

To Prepare:

Review the Resources and reflect on the web
article Big Data Means Big Potential, Challenges for Nurse Execs.
Reflect on your own experience with complex health
information access and management and consider potential challenges and
risks you may have experienced or observed.

By Day 3 of Week 5

Post a description of
at least one potential benefit of using big data as part of a clinical system
and explain why. Then, describe at least one potential challenge or risk of
using big data as part of a clinical system and explain why. Propose at least
one strategy you have experienced (I work the telemetry unit), observed, or researched that may effectively
mitigate the challenges or risks of using big data you described. Be specific
and provide examples.

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