Argumentative or persuasive essay Asignment

Argumentative or persuasive essay Asignment

Topic: Argumentative or persuasive essay Asignment

I am attaching a docuemnt that provides the instructiins for this paper. I am going to select an assignment topic from the list included in the document but if you would like to choose an alternate topic that is listed, please feel free to do so.

Write a 750-1250 word argumentative/persuasive essay about one of the issues below. Make sure that your thesis is a clear, specific, argument statement and that your supporting points are valid. This essay must include researched information from three to five outside sources. Use only library sources (books, magazines, newspapers, journals, e-books, GALILEO, EBSCOhost, ProQuest, Films on Demand, etc.) Other outside sources must be approved by your instructor. Each issue on the Opposing Viewpoints site has links to preapproved sources; you may find all sources for your essay through the Opposing Viewpoints page. You CANNOT use Wikipedia as a source. You may find sources that support your side of the issue, that argue the opposing side of your issue, or that simply provide some interesting facts, statistics, details, figures, or other type of information concerning your topic. Then use those sources in your paper, documenting and citing them correctly according to MLA guidelines. Your sources MUST be correctly documented with both IN-TEXT CITATIONS and a WORKS CITED PAGE.


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