Applying Virtuous Business Model

Applying Virtuous Business Model
This discussion provides an opportunity for you to apply the Virtuous Business Model to a parable Jesus told his disciples. As you explore the scripture and reflect on its meaning and significance, consider your understanding in the context of your personal and professional life. If you are not familiar with parables, it may be helpful to understand Jesus used the narrative format to help his followers comprehend what was to come and to help guide their lives as they furthered his ministry.

Imagine the wisest teachers you have encountered in your lifetime. Maybe it was a history teacher in high school or an undergraduate professor who possessed a great mastery of his or her chosen content. Once you have recalled this individual, consider why the instruction he or she provided was so powerful; it is highly likely these individuals drew you into their lessons and engaged you by sharing interesting stories and examples. That is how Jesus often ministered and taught. He used stories to illustrate important and necessary concepts for his followers to grasp.

Upon successful completion of this discussion, you will be able to:

Interpret the Virtuous Business Model through the lens of a parable (a story told by Jesus).
Analyze an issue or problem-related to a specific industry using the lens of the VBM as framed in this parable.
Background Information
In each of the remaining weeks, we will begin the workshop by reading a parable from the Bible and spending time learning together. This discussion activity will help you make progress toward the following Course Learning Outcomes:

Integrate the Virtuous Business model into your reading, research, writing, and reporting.
Analyze issues and problems related to specific industries.
This discussion should result in new ways of thinking about and applying the VBM and new ways of looking at issues and problems in specific industries. Learning is wasted if it doesn’t change the way we see and move in the world.

Instructions for Applying Virtuous Business Model
Review the rubric to make sure you understand the criteria for earning your grade.
Read Matthew 13:1–23(new tab) and review the Virtuous Business Model.
Reflect on the following questions:
What problem does this parable illuminate?
Why is it a problem?
Where is the problem observed?
Who is impacted?
How is the problem observed?
How often is the problem observed?
Write/Create an initial response to the following prompts.
Apply the Virtuous Business Model to the parable and explain how the components correlate. (Note that not all 18 components may correlate.)
How does this application impact your understanding of your own spiritual journey? How might you use the teaching in this parable in your personal or professional life?
Give an example of a problem or issue related to specific industries and how you can analyze it by applying your learning from this discussion.
If you choose to record a Video Note, draft out your response before you record your video. This will become your “script” for the video. Planning what you say is important because your video recording is limited to three minutes. The Video Checklist contains public speaking techniques that will not only improve the delivery and quality of your video note but can be applied to any public speaking situation.
Read the article, Using Video Note(new tab).
Watch the video, Using Video Note(new tab).
Review the Video Checklist(PDF document).
Post your initial response by the end of day 4 of the workshop.
Read and respond to at least two of your classmates’ postings, as well as any follow-up instructor questions directed at you, by the end of the workshop.
Your postings are interactions with your classmates and instructor that should facilitate engaging dialogue and provide evidence of critical thinking. Focus on the following in this discussion:
Relevancy: Relate the topic to a current event.
Challenge: Interrogate assumptions, conclusions, or interpretations.
Relational: Make comparisons or contrasts of themes, ideas, or issues.
Action: Identify an application or an action in personal or work life.
Clarification: Provide clarification to classmates’ questions and provide insight into the discussion.
APA 7th edition

200 to 250 words


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Applying Virtuous Business Model Applying Virtuous Business Model

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