Anthropology Genetics essay

Anthropology Genetics essay
Anthropology Genetics essay

This paper is a maximum of 4 pages, including the APA citations.
Lecture: Three written essays, to address prompts for each of the three disciplines mentioned above.
50 points each = 150 points
Lab: Two written lab exercises at 30 points each to total = 60 points
Lab/Lec Three “Tyranny of Terms” at 25 points each = 75 points
Attendance/Participation = 15 points
Late Assignments will not be accepted without prior arrangements.
Letter grade will equal the following percentage of those points.
94-100% A 87-89& B+ 77-79% C+ 67-69% D+ below 60% F
90-93% A- 84-86% B 74-76% C 64-66% D
80-83% B- 70-73% C- 60-63% D-
Pass/fail option: Pass = > 67%
No Extra Credit Additions will be permitted
1) Understanding of the basic genetic/epigenetic concepts underlying the theory of evolution
2) Understanding the basic examples of natural selection / gene-by-environmental interaction
3) Introduction to the relevance of studies in non-human primatology and human behavior
4) Introduction to the fossil evidence and its interpretation for evolution
1) Introduction to the practical application for learning objectives above.

This class is divided into three subdisciplines of biology anthropology. Each section provides the
context or framework for Tyranny of Terms and the Essay assignments
1) Tyranny of Terms:
Select 5 terms from list on Canvas assignment.
Define those terms in depth, and write a brief description of the relevance
of that term to an anthropologist and how it may be applied in studies
2) The essays for the lecture component of this class must be 4 pages (double spaced), with
appropriate citations (APA Style) and a bibliography of those citations.
APA style writing may be found on Purdue OWL (online writing lab)

You will be provided a prompt one week prior to the due date.

1) Stay alert to communications through emails and postings on Canvas
as class schedule is subject to adjustment given the needs of the class
2) Respect for the classroom environment and individuals is always expected .
3) The academic honesty policy and other WWU policies apply to this course

Be forewarned, plagiarism and cheating are very serious offences. For example,
having someone else do your work for you, copying or sharing answers during
an exam or assignment or plagiarizing someone else’s work and attempting to
pass it off as your own will all result in disciplinary action.
You can read about Western Washington University’s academic honesty policies here:
3) Accommodations
a) Please alert professor and TA if you have computer issues or inability to sign in to Zoom.
b) Students with disabilities are encouraged to notify me within the first two weeks

of the quarter. All students with disabilities must obtain a letter from the Dean of Students office,
which should also be provided to all the student’s instructors.

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