Agencies duties during Hurricane Katrina

Agencies duties during Hurricane Katrina

topic : Agencies duties during Hurricane Katrina

When Hurricane Katrina hit, the majority of the affected area did not have adequate resources to handle the event. Identify responding agencies from both the state and local levels and give an overview of their duties and responsibilities as it would relate to overall assistance, planning, preparedness and recovery. List and explain the shortfalls of the government.

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Course Work Task 2 – “My online business after the graduation!”

· Choose an online business following one of the four New Business models.
· Develop its attraction plan following GRAVITY model.
· Define your business’s future Revenue model.
Ø To complete this group task, you are suggested to follow these three steps:

To accomplish this individualCW, you are required to write a brief report based on your understanding above-given topics.

– Choose an online business and define which of four New Business models it fits(explain why and how);

– Develop your strategic plan following the elements of GRAVITY model (Briefly describe your action-plan following each element of G-R-A-V-I-T-Y model. (For this part of the individual CW, you can use your creativity and your knowledge from Digital Marketing (all the topics could be relevant as long as you can logically link) module));

– Think about how to reap your profit from this online project. Which of the Revenue models could be best fitting logically.Explain how and why.

If you are re-submitting the CW, please choose a different business.

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