Advice to the school president

Advice to the school president

topic : Advice to the school president

The student association speakers and issues committee at your college or university has announced it has signed a contract to bring a famous white supremacist to speak at the student union. He is being paid $5,000 plus expenses and is expected to bring in a large crowd.
The speaker is the self-proclaimed head of a group called the White People’s Militia. This group is believed responsible for hate crimes across the western U.S., including hateful graffiti, physical disruption of Martin Luther King Day remembrances. The speaker advocates forced removal of African, native, Hispanic and Asian-American peoples from the former Confederate States. These states would then form a single, male dominated white region affiliated with the U.S.
He has also spoken regularly about how he and his movement have declared themselves immune to local, state, and national laws. Some members of his group have had violent clashes with local law enforcement authorities and violence has occasionally broken out at his appearances.
His appearance on your campus has provoked a huge controversy on the campus and in the community. Various elements have put incredible pressure on the university president to forbid his appearance.
What advice do you give the president? Write the President of your University (you can make one up or use WC) giving him some case related evidence and advice. Using Supreme Court cases that deal specifically with FREEDOM OF SPEECH cases, defend your advice. For example if you are going to advice against the speakers appearance on your campus, give examples of free speech cases that indicate his speech could, and should be prevented. If you are going to advise he be allowed to speak on campus, site Supreme Court cases that allow freedom of controversial speech.
This letter should be at least 3 pages and for full credit, should site at least three cases.
Some helpful websites include:; (Links to an external site.)

Remember, you are writing a letter, so address it as such and treat it as such.
Advice to the school president

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