Adult Literacy Teaching Practices

Adult Literacy Teaching Practices

TAELLN801 – Analyse and Apply Adult Literacy Teaching Practices

5 Apply and evaluate strategies for teaching literacy skills and knowledge

5.1 Given that you have identified the needs and abilities of your adult learners explain how you would create activities that develop the literacy skills relevant to your learners’ needs, levels of literacy, and learning styles. Provide two samples or examples of exercises that you have devised and relate how they address the needs of the specific learners.

5.2 What are some examples of the numeracy skills that your above cohort would most likely need to develop? Explain how you would devise these activities that would create these numeracy skills and discuss how you would implement them. Provide two samples or examples of activities that

5.3 Reading and writing are two of the core skills that people require proficiency in to communicate effectively in our society. Identify the reading and writing skills a person needs to achieve a level two in the ACSF and provide examples of the teaching strategies you would implement to develop their skills to this level. Provide examples that include plans for

i) Words

ii) Sentences

iii) Texts

The following are the reading indicators for a learner at ASCF Level 2:





Identifies and evaluates relevant data and ideas from writings on well-known topics.


Employs a variety of reading strategies to locate and analyze relevant information in a variety of text genres.

5.4 A third core skill is oral communication. Given that there are five levels of achievement in the ACSF, choose a verbal communication skill from each group and discuss what strategies you would use to teach each skill and identify the possible audiences.

5.5 A key core skill is learning. Research has identified learning skills as a critical element of the learning process. Knowing how you learn is essential for success. Identify five learning skills – one from each level – and discuss what teaching strategies you would use to develop these important skills.

5.6 All practitioners need to evaluate the effectiveness of their teaching. Discuss how you would both formally and informally assess the effectiveness of your teaching strategies.

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