Academic Argument Instructions

Academic Argument Instructions

topic : Academic Argument Instructions

COM101 – Academic Argument Instructions (15%)

Due Date: Friday June 25 (2% bonus if received by June 23)

We are living in a very stressful and difficult time where the use of social media has exploded and where communication with our work, our family, friends and community is essential to our mental health and not feeling isolated.

1. However, before the COVID pandemic even started it was very evident that social media has overtaken our lives in many negative ways. You may argue differently but to do so you need a strong and solid defense with legitimate sources of information and research and not just opinion.1. Are social media sites ruining our lives? Do you agree or disagree?

The essay must be 5 paragraphs with 350-400 words.

For this assignment, there is 1 Youtube link in Assignments plus an article from Harvard to read that you should use for your research and whether you agree or disagree with be the basis of your argument. You might also want to read “Isn’t It Time to Start Thinking” by Northrop Frye which you read for your Summary Assignment. There may be information there you can use in the essay as well. You will need 2 more researched sources other than the Harvard Article and the Youtube to help write this essay.

For this essay, you will use aminimum of3 citationsin text which are paraphrased and cited after the sentence. (Example:) (Jones, 2020) These cited sources are required to support your argument. The full cited source will be listed in cited sources at the end of the essay. See the APA packages

You must carefully construct your argument with a strong structure – it is very easy to get off track with a response paper! Remember to include all the main components of a strong essay (thesis statement, topic sentences, supporting evidence, and conclusion) by using an outline planner to help you plan your response. Your outline planner will count toward your grade.

Submission Requirements:

Submit your essay with attached planner as ONE document in WORD. DO NOT USE PDF and DO NOT send these 3 documents separately.You must submit this assignment no later than Friday June 25 at 11:59PM. Make sure your full name is next to the title along with your student number and course code. Do not use headers as they often disappear when a paper is downloaded.

Do not plagarize, copy or have someone write this for you. These conflicts are spotted very quickly and you will get a zero mark plus a complaint has to be submitted to the Academic Integrity Committee.

If you have problems with grammar and writing book an appointment with an online tutor in the learning centre. I will not be chasing students for overdue work as I have over 100 taking this course so after 3 days it becomes a zero mark.

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