A Sociological Analysis of Obesity

A Sociological Analysis of Obesity

“A Sociological Analysis of Obesity: An Expanding Social Problem”

Provide a title to your paper. Feel free to make it “clever” or informative but make sure it clearly reflects the subject and content of your paper.


Provide a very brief (1 or 2 paragraphs) introduction of your paper. A strong introduction sets the tone for the entire paper.

What is Obesity?

Provide a detailed description of the social problem topic you are discussing in your paper. (Use subtopic headers as needed.)

Defining Obesity

Body Mass Index

Obesity in the United States

Obesity around the World

Obesity as a Social Problem

Provide a detailed description as to why the subject of your topic is a social problem. Describe whether it is a subjective or objective social problem, or both. Then provide as much information as possible that describes why your topic is a social problem. (Use subtopic titles as needed.)

Obesity as an Objective Social Problem

Obesity as a Subjective Social Problem

Health Issues

High Blood Pressure


Heart Disease

Economic Issues

Socio-Psychological Issues

Public Perception of Obesity

The Marketing of Food

The Sedentary Lifestyle of Children

Theoretical Analysis of Obesity

Apply as many theoretical perspectives as possible that help to describe/explain your topic as a social problem.

Conflict Perspective

Symbolic Interactionism

Labeling Theory

Social Exchange Theory

Social Learning Theory

Examining Obesity Through Sociological Methodology

Apply as many research methodology strategies as possible that would help someone study obesity. Explain how you would study your social problem. Explain data you have found and/or data you would expect to find. Would your research help to explain your topic as a social problem? Explain.

Content Analysis

Face-to-Face Interviews

Observational Studies

Breaching Experiments


All papers have either a Summary or a Conclusion


Provide a full bibliography, in alphabetical order, using the ASA format.

Title Pages

Be sure to attach a copy of the title pages of all your sources. Be sure to put them in the same alphabetical order as the Bibliography.



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A Sociological Analysis of Obesity

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